Tumblr has this thing going on where they allow anyone to call themselves anything, and while I’m all for expression, most trans people find it very disrespectful, because it’s as if they’re watering down a very real issue. The more people who call themselves it just because they want to be…

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Your Father, Who Art in Heaven. [AU] 


It took Eris a moment more of looking around before his words finally registered and the teenager nodded weakly, slipping her arms into the jacket around her shoulders.  It was warm, worn leather, and the scent was soothing for reasons she could not possibly know.

You’re safe now.  Words that Eris would have given anything to hear, even if she didn’t truly know the man saying them.  Once again, she nodded wordlessly and looked up, watching him move away from her.

When he knelt, silver eyes met whiskey gold ones for the very first time since she had awoken.  ”I do.”  She answered softly and reached for what Cole offered, lips twitching into what could almost be considered a smile.  

"Thank you…."

   As he held her gaze, the God smiled softly, to himself as he made sure the bag reached her hands before he let it go. Her silver eyes were incredibly unique- even for a demigod- and were a sign of her lineage. There were only two gods whose eyes bore such unusual colors. One was before her.

      "No need to thank me, darlin’." Came Cole’s smooth reply as he returned to his chair, long legs stretching out in front of him. "Try to eat slowly. You’ve been through a lot today, an’ I don’t want you getting sick, okay?"

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» A message from Anonymous:

[Envelope] - Mark

"Round two at noon.
Catch me if you can.
That is, if you can still walk.

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"Sounds like fun. Unfortunately I’d never beg. Not for my life, you know." Gives the god an appreciative look. "Yeah…thought so."

   "Yeah, they all say that, y’know."

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Send me a ‘₩’ for my muse’s reaction of yours dumping a bucket of water on them. 

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The Undertaker ‘Ministry’ appreciation.

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Your Father, Who Art in Heaven. [AU] 


The voice that greeted Eris was low, soft, and in a sense comforting.  That, however, did not stop the teenager’s eyes from flying open at the sound as every defense system in her body instantly engaged.  No matter the fear, there was something, some force that kept sending waves of calm through her and it had to have come from the man.

So he wasn’t a dream.

The fractured memories she had of the day before weren’t the fever dream she had thought they were, and the golden haired man was real.  And huge.  At least three times the size her father was, and a thousand times as strong.

She would have to remember not to anger him.  Broken bones were bad enough, but he could disintegrate them.

"Where am I?"  Eris asked, clinging to the jacket that hung on her shoulders like a toddler with its favorite blanket.  She only wished her voice didn’t still shake.  "I-I’m sorry."  She added quickly and ducked her head in submission.  "I sh-should be thanking you and not asking questions…"

Instinctually, Cole reached out for her, assessing her body language and deciding against it a second later, hand dropping to his side. He watched as her wide eyes darted around and shaking hands clung to the jacket he’d wrapped her in. All of his damn near broke his heart. This was his little girl, scared of her own shadow. He had to fix his mistake.

"You’re in a hotel room," He answered softly, whiskey eyes trying to meet her gaze. "Hey, it’s okay, gorgeous. Ask all the questions you want. You’re safe now; I promise."

Slowly, he stood, keeping his movements to a minimum. The last thing he wanted was to scare her- again. Finally, he made himself to the table, and soon enough, he returned with a bag in hand.

"Here…" Cole murmured, digging into it as he squatted near the bed. He pulled out a wrapped package and held it out to Eris, gaze still on her face. "I hope you like cheeseburgers. If not, I’ll find ya whatever you want to eat."

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