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I don’t know about you, but I’m not feeling 22

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As soon as I get a new computer, I’ll be back. Just.. Bear with Eragon and I.


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Heyyyy my night in ten pictures, ayyyyy.

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My birthday is tomorrow and I’ve had the worst god forsaken day.
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Cupid isn’t even Greek 


Valentine’s Day had never been one of those holidays that was high up on Ophelia’s list of things she liked.  Let’s face it, an eternally single succubus wasn’t exactly the ideal candidate for chocolates and roses after sucking someone’s mojo.  Now married with a son, Mark had slowly been getting her more used to gifts ‘just because’. 

That is, until Lia spotted her workstation completely covered in a hundred roses. 

Oh, she would have to kill him for this, she thought to herself.  And of course, every coworker that saw the mess of flowers gave her a good natured ribbing until Lia was cherry red in the face and fighting grins.

It was her supervisor that pushed the half demon toward where Mark was hiding out, and Lia didn’t know whether she was going to kiss him or smack the dimples off his face.  “Now who are you and what have you done with my husband, hmm?  Because my Mark isn’t this much of a sap.”  Ophelia smiled, tiptoeing to peck his lips.

After sending her supervisor off, Mark waited, hands nestled in his pockets as he leaned against the desk behind him. The little gifts- or even the big ones- were just how he showed his affection; so many days on the road meant he didn’t see Lia much and, frankly, it could end badly if not played right.

"Now now," The God chuckled, leaning down to kiss her back as she entered. "Your husband’s still here, sweets. He’s jus’ feelin’ a little… holiday cheer." Reaching forward, he took her hand in his, thumb trailing over her ring. "And he’s planned a… getaway? For ya."

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Heavy Hangs The Head… [AU] 



As he watched her give up, the brunette grinned, running a hand through his unruly hair before grabbing the pack of cigarettes and stuffing it into his vest’s pocket. Such was the way of their relationship; he thought of Lia as an adopted little sister of sorts.

"It’s gonna take a while for them to send soldiers this way without stirring shit up- state lines, territory, et cetera. Either way, I’ll tell them tonight at the table. I’m all in favor of painting the pavement with ‘em, but you know how Mark is. Always wants it done clean and sneakily. I say we need to make an example of these Big Apple idiots."

"I realize that, but that is in no way a reason to underestimate just how far they’ll go."  She answered and reached for her coffee cup, a plain mug with dinosaurs drawn in crayon.  A memento from the multi-toned mechanic she could hear scuffling with the others through the wall that connected the office to the garage.  With a slight scowl at the now-cold liquid, she pushed the mug aside.

Lia grinned at Kane’s idea of painting the pavement with the Yankee upstarts and ran a hand through her dark locks.  “Normally I would agree with you, but this is home turf, not a takeover.  Our families are here and that poses a very very big liability for anyone caught in the crossfire.”  It had happened too many times; an MC war where spouses and children were the innocent victims of the club’s dealings.  Something that no one ever wanted to see repeated.

Eying the mug, Kane chuckled softly. It was such a long time ago, yet it felt like yesterday when Jake was tumbling around with a wrench in his hand, desperate to help with the bikes surrounding him. Of course, now he was running around in a vest, carrying out orders like the soldier he grew up to be.

"You know me, I don’t underestimate anyone. It’ll take them some time to get over here."

As she spoke, he nodded and sighed. Lia was right; it would be too bloody to go at this war with the guns ablaze. “Yeah, I know,” He nearly grumbled, “It’s been too long since I’ve seen action.”

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Old Wounds || Malia AU 


"Now y’know I can’t resist a pretty lady."  Sam joked when he walked back over to Mark, handing over another beer and getting rid of the empty bottle that rested on the counter.

Ophelia took the moment alone to scrub her hands over her face, swallowing repeatedly.  Her throat was raw from the mix of whiskey and beer that roiled around like a maelstrom in her gut, and yet the bile continued to rise higher.  Not only was she on the verge of puking, but the marks on her hips burned like they had been rebranded.

Standing up from the bar, Lia pushed her chair back with more force than necessary- not that she noticed.  She just had to get away.  Now.  The ladies’ room was empty save for Lia, who locked the door before bracing herself on one of the porcelain sinks.  Her breath came in short rasps and blue eyes widened at the sight in the mirror.  The ageless hybrid looked ten years older than she had before.  Tired.  Beaten.  A shadow.

At the sharp, foreign sound, Mark’s head snapped to the side instinctively, though his vision was marred by people walking through his line of sight. He caught a glimpse of something, however, and could have sworn he’d seen something familiar…

He shook his head. The God’s mind was playing tricks on him again, surely. He still saw her everywhere; in everything- no. He wouldn’t think about it now. Grabbing the beer in front of him, he brought it to his lips, gulping it down as the woman in his lap began to crawl out of it.

"Where ya goin’, gorgeous?" He rumbled, blue eyes shining as he looked down at the blonde. She offered only a nervous giggle, pointing behind him- towards the restroom.

"Ladies’ room. I’ll be back~." With that, the tiny woman was gone, damn near skipping through the crowd. It was easy for her to slip into the bathroom; it was damn near empty. She paid little attention to the woman at the sink next to her, leaning forward to look into the mirror and fix her makeup. "He’s gonna smudge it, but I gotta look good anyway…" She’d always had a bad habit of talking aloud. "He’s so damn picky…"

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Better to Reign in Hell that Serve Above || Queen of Hell AU 



"Is that so…" Slowly, Mark walked past her, striding over to the Hounds and touching his fingers to their foreheads as he past them. Soft words were muttered to the Hounds, and his eyes glowed brightly as he spoke, "Πώς είσαι, κυνηγόσκυλα μου; Έχετε πάει καλά όλα αυτά τα χρόνια;" He walked from one to another, a gentle smile on his face.

Κάιν.” He touched the red-eyed Hound. “Καλεβ.” Next was the blue-eyed one. Stopping in front of the amethyst Hound, he stopped down, dimples cratering his cheeks. “ίλιον.”

Looking over his shoulder, he scowled at Ophelia. “Don’t call me a fuckin’ prince. I’ve earned th’ right t’ be next- even if I’ve gotta take Zeus down myself.”

Ophelia knew only rudimentary Greek, but the tone of the God’s murmuring was not lost, even though she could not hear all of what was said.  There was a tenderness to the exchange that it made Lia feel as if she were seeing something she shouldn’t.  Intruding, as it were.

The demon queen was almost smiling when Mark turned and snarled at her, making her bristle visibly.  “I truly could care less whose ass imprints on the shining throne.”  She snapped back.  “Though if you kill me, you’ll see me doing a dance on his tomb.”

"My ass would rather imprint the leather of my bike." The God replied coolly, turning back to the queen as he spoke. Her bristling only made him smirk, and her remark made him laugh. 

"Believe me, I can’t wait to put th’ fucker six feet under. He’s never deserved to rule; selfish dick. …" Mark looked back at the Hounds, a small, sad smile gracing his features for a passing moment. "Take good care of them. They’re loyal, and amazing warriors."

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Pray for Blood, To the God of War 



Mark gave a moan despite himself as his hair was pulled. Well, it was more of a strangled, wanton sound that bubbled in his throat and left his eyes fluttering. His hair had always been a sensitive area, and Lia never failed to give it attention.

A lazy smirk was pressed against her lips as the God lifted her, hands holding her small frame to the stone as he thoroughly explored her mouth, hips pressed flush into hers.

Lia smirked against Mark’s lips and tugged those sinful locks of dark hair again, relishing the sounds he made and how he pressed harder into her with each touch.  She gave a soft moan when his tongue past the barrier of her lips and she instantly suckled and teased at the skilled muscle, hips rolling until his crotch ground against the seam of her jeans, sending sparks of pleasure shooting through her core.

When she’d found the sweet spot, Mark ground his hips into Lia’s, growls deepening as his tongue massaged hers and his hands mapped across her skin. The fires were raging within and, coupled with Ascension, the God was sky-high on carnal need and desire. 

He pulled away a minute later, shining blue eyes leering down at her with a hungry look. There wasn’t any warmth in his gaze, and it shouldn’t have been expected. They had long since given up the lovey-dovey grind today, and had instead taken on the bloodlust between them.

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